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There are so many unique ways of keeping hold of those precious messages left by your wedding guests, but don’t stick to the bog standard guest book that will collect dust on the shelf. Check out just a handful of really amazing ideas I came across.

Guest book stones


I love this idea! It’s so different and you get to keep them on show in your house as a constant memory. It can add to a rustic themed wedding.
Www.etsy.com provide a huge range and I love these heart ones especially. There is one kit on Etsy that costs $150.00. In this kit you get 150 ore-glossed river rocks, 6 sharpie pens and a wishing stone luminaries sign with a choice of two messages to your guests. Beware of the delivery cost to the UK. You could easily create this quite cheaply by shopping about or buying things separately. Even better, get out in the countryside and start collection some stones.

Guest Book Jenga
Everyone knows the game Jenga and this wedding guest book idea combines wedding guest messages and Jenga, it’s a win win situation! It could even keep your guests entertained in the evening reception. There is a kit by Tumbling Timbers who make handmade Jenga kits for around $100 but again you could create this yourselves with a standard Jenga set going for between £5-£20, you could even look on eBay for a second hand set.


Wedding guest Finger Print Tree
Finger print trees are rally popular and can be used at all memorable celebrations, I created one for my mums 50th birthday party the other day and everyone loved it and took the idea with them. You can create this yourself buy enlarging a tree design you like and adding your wedding/celebration date, pop to hobby craft and grab a range of dew drop ink pads by versa magic and make sure you take baby wipes! You can get guests to leave just their finger prints to create the leaves to your tree and they can add their names if you like. You can then frame the off infer print tree for a gorgeous a gorgeous present. You can also buy the kits with frame from www.notonthehighstreet.co.uk


Polaroid Guest Book
Set up a table with a blank book, pens and a Polaroid camera and get your guests to take funny pictures, position them in the book and leave a message. Great alternative to a guest book.


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