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Kaley Cuoco, The Big Bang Theory star, celebrated New Years Eve with her wedding!

She had an amazing upside down cake that hung from a chandelier created by Butter End in California.
The wedding was full of laughter as after cutting the cake, Ryan Sweetings smashed cake into Kaleys face.
Kaley looked stunning in her pink Vera Wang dress at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch, California.

For the full story, check out the Daily Mail



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Please check out Anna Lee Munro Weddings views on BBC Cambridgeshire radio’s podcast about weddings and the economy. I give an insight from a wedding planners point of view at 1.20 in: http://t.co/XOJKWRN8Tg
What have you sacrificed to ensure you stay within budget or have you blown the budget? I would love to hear your comments!

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Wedding invitations are an important start to any wedding, this is your chance to set the theme/colour idea and get your guests excited about what’s to come. You can be as traditional or as funky as you like, but make sure they are YOU!
Wedding invitations don’t have to be expensive, check out your local printing company, head to your nearest Hobby Craft or simply source some fantastic products on a good old google search. My favourite is eBay, you can find some fab deals!

For inspiration, check out some amazing designs below:

Traditional Wedding Invitations


Vintage Wedding Invitations


Love Story Invitations



Funky Wedding Invitations


Scratch Card Wedding Invitations


Fun Wedding Invitations





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50 Films

A close friend of mine is creating 50 films in a year. Check out his latest here!

The 50 Film Project

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 23.07.08

This week I headed down to Sunny Hunstanton, “Sunny” being the operative word! With a wind chill in the minus numbers this was exactly what a Great British day at the beach is all about!


When thinking about this weeks video I wondered how appealing the the british seaside is not only in summer but who brave the cold winds and dreary rain to visit coastal towns in the deep of winter, whats open, what do people do and whats the vibe.

In two words it was a “Ghost Town” something which I hope is reflected in this video.

The biggest challenge this week was the cold, I realised when your body goes into survival mode to keep you warm your mind becomes clouded, If it was hot weather I know I would have spent time thinking about the shot and trying out different angles but my mind was…

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Is it ok to ask for money as a wedding gift instead of presents? What are your thoughts?

For me, traditional wedding values have been lost due to modern day thinking. Many couples have already set up home together long before they decide to get married and because of this they have the majority of things they require. Therefore they need very little in the way of gifts and a gift of money would help towards a more extravagant honeymoon, an elephant ride etc
Walking around department stores adding household essentials to a wedding list is becoming less popular by the day, but this idea was bought in to help new couples set up home so this to me is not a surprise. The question is, how do you ask close friends and family for money? Well a popular trend is the use of wedding money gift poems, here is an example of one:


I’m not sure how I feel about these money gift poems as many of them are cheesy and this one is the least invasive. There are even personalised wedding websites you can set up for free so that wedding guests can make contributions online. Be aware of the service charge once contributions have been made! Check out just one of many websites: http://www.starweds.co.uk/index.php

However, there are alternative website ideas I think are more personable and should make the older generation feel a but better about giving money as a gift. You set up a website where people can make contributions as above but instead of your guests not really knowing how that money will help you or where it will be spent, you provide a list of things they will help you purchase. This could be anything from a private couples massage when on your honeymoon to more extremes like a loft conversion as a saw earlier on a forum. The couple asked for money towards materials and sent a picture of the items aslong with a thank you card to each guest.
You could list the items or create a shop type website where each person buys one item but remember to add smaller value items and i think the loft conversion maybe a little pricey for one gift!

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I was very lucky to be a bridesmaid at a wedding last June at Barrington Hall, another stunning venue Cambridge has to offer. The inhouse wedding planning was amazing. Flowers were by Mooi, Nicola did an incredible job.


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